Odyssey Ark - 55

₹ 275000 ₹ 275,000.00

  • * 55 inch, 1000R curved 4K UHD monitor with an exceptional picture quality via Quantum Mini-LED* Extremely immersive gaming environment with Cockpit Mode and Eclipse Lighting* Realistic gaming screen by matte display for non-glare and distraction-free*

  • * A New Frontier in Gaming.* Your Personal Gaming Theater.* Explore the unknown with Ark: Learn more about your journey ahead. Discover the sheer power, brilliance and ingenuity of Odyssey Ark with in-depth videos that help you get up to speed fast.* Glimpse at the future of gaming with Odyssey Ark.* Master the basics and then leverage its power. Learn how to take full advantage of the revolutionary gaming monitor.* See first-hand reactions as these technology fans discover Ark for the first time.* Dive deep into the world of Odyssey Ark as we walk you through every detail that powers your personal gaming theater.* Personal gaming theater: See and hear with more depth on the 55-inch, 1000R curved screen.Quantum Mini-LED and Sound Dome Technology combine to deliver exceptional immersion.* Feature-packed gaming: One misstep can be the difference between victory and defeat. Prepare to winleveraging the 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time and FreeSync Premium Pro. With Gaming Hub, take on your console, PC and even cloud games, all conveniently accessible on Ark.7* Flexes with Ark Dial: Create your ideal gaming environment for every play. Use Ark Dial to quickly optimize your screen setup with Flex Move Screen or Multi View.* Colossally surrounded by ultraprecision: Live in every moment with life-like detail. The inescapable 55-inch screen with 1000R curvature engulfs your peripherals to create an unbroken plain for new destinations.1 With HDR 10+ gaming, escape into new adventures filled with mesmerizing clarity and vividness.* Atmospheric soundscapes: Explore another level of immersion built by Sound Dome technology. Every piece of content is delivered with impeccable sound detail powered by four speakers built into each corner and two center woofers to enhance low notes, resulting in a 60W 2.2.2 channel configuration.2 Powered by Dolby Atmos technology, sound tells a new story with Odyssey Ark.* Feel free at full speed : Nothing holds you back from first place. Feel the fluidity and freedom as your controls appear near-instantaneously on screen. With an ultra-responsive 165hz refresh rate, 1ms response time and Freesync Premium Pro, your on-screen actions become an extension of yourself.* Gaming Hub Where gaming comes together: The entire gaming universe is at your command. Use Gaming Hub to access your catalog of games from your PC, consoles and the cloud. You can even explore the next great new titles waiting to be played.* Ark Dial Power up the exclusive controller: Change settings and navigate menus instantly, exclusively on Ark. The custom ArkDial is your key to controlling each journey, creating the most streamlined way toaccess the monitor's assortment of functions with ease.

  • 36 months Warranty(https://www.samsung.com/in/support/warranty/)

  • 7 Days

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